It’s Time to Write Letters

Thank you everyone for your support at the recent meeting at Festival Place.  Everyone at RETA appreciates your support.  Now it’s time to let your elected representatives hear from you.  Please visit our letter writing advice page and have your say!

RETA now has over 1,900 members and if we all write letters our voice will be heard!

Coming Soon to a Neighbourhood Near YOU!

Update (May 7th): This diagram needs to be updated as we were just informed that the towers in use will in fact be 60 metres tall (about 200 ft).  Incidentally, according to AltaLink, the new shorter (but much broader) towers increase the EMF exposure away from the towers by 7 times!


RETA stands for Responsible Electricity Transmission for Albertans. While we accept the need to continually improve Alberta’s infrastructure we believe this must be accomplished in a responsible manner. We represent families affected by the proposed Heartland Transmission Project and we have some HUGE CONCERNS about:

~ by RETA on January 29, 2009.

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