Great Turnout for Meeting on June 17th

Thank you one and all for your attendance and participation. We estimate over 1,800 people came out to see Europacable and to ask questions of Europacable, AltaLink, EPCOR, the AESO, RETA and our elected officials from the County and the Province.

Once again, it’s time to write letters to our elected representatives (the Premier, Energy Minister Mel Knight and your MLA) but this time to thank them for their leadership in exploring the use of underground transmission lines in Alberta. This is an incredibly positive move and one, I daresay, that would not have happened if it wasn’t for the leadership of the Stelmach Government. Please take your time to express your thanks to the Premier, Minister Knight and your MLA, but you may also want to remind them that this is just the first step; simply studying underground power lines is not enough and we need to take the next step… actually putting these power lines underground wherever it is proposed that they go by schools and homes. There are still many forces at play though, some of whom would prefer to deceive rather than illuminate, and the government needs to be vigilant in ensuring that the right thing is done. Issues such as viability, reliability and cost have already been dealt with in countless other jurisdictions and it is clear that these are not insurmountable issues.

Let’s make Alberta a leader in this instead of following Austria, Germany, Italy, Israel and others. Your letters of support are very important so please don’t put it off – if you do, you’ll probably never send them. You can find some pointers on letter writing on our Write a Letter page.

~ by RETA on June 24, 2009.

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