Edmonton City Council Passes Motion Opposing Above Ground 500kV Lines

In a unanimous decision today, Edmonton City Council passed a motion opposing above ground 500kV lines within the city and setting the stage for the City to act as an intervener should the Heartland Project Team file an application with the Alberta Utilities Commission recommending above ground lines be constructed in any of the three proposed routes that go through parts of Edmonton.

There are now 5 municipalities that have passed resolutions opposing above ground power lines in the Capital Region and Edmonton’s motion is a great step forward for Albertans.

This does not mean that the battle is in any way over as the AUC still has the final word. We need to ensure that it becomes public policy to underground lines when they go by schools and houses and we need your continued support to make that happen.

R.E.T.A. wishes to thank all of Edmonton City Council for their insightful and non-NIMBY approach. Well done!

~ by RETA on September 2, 2009.

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