Strength in Unity – RETA and West TUC Group Merge

The Coalition of West End Communities for Burying the Line and RETA have decided to merge together. The Coalition, which has been educating and informing west Edmonton residents about the hazards associated with high voltage power lines since June 2009, has been working closely with RETA to help ensure that the 500kV dual circuit transmission line proposed for the Heartland Transmission Project is buried wherever it goes near schools, houses, daycare centres, hospitals and environmentally sensitive areas.

“It just makes sense to merge the organizations – we’ve been working so closely together and we want exactly the same thing which is to bury the power line wherever it goes” said June McNeil, founding member of the Coalition. Bruce Johnson, President of RETA, added, “We’re delighted. By joining the groups together we send a strong message to our elected representatives that we expect them to all work together to get these lines put underground where they belong.” The groups have decided to come together under the RETA banner but will also keep the Coalition name for continuity.

This merger strengthens representation near the west TUC, helping to deliver on RETA’s mandate to represent all 4 of the proposed routes.

Read the full News Release.

~ by RETA on September 28, 2009.

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