All For One and One For All!

RETA is committed to ensuring that high voltage power lines are run underground wherever they go by schools and houses and, consequently, we are engaging with and enlisting the support of as many people as possible along all of the four proposed routes for the Heartland Transmission Project – including the west rural route, the west TUC, the east TUC and the east rural route. In fact, it is our considered opinion that the only way to win this battle is to speak with a unified voice to all of our elected representatives and to say that we all want the same thing – BURY THE LINE!

To this end, we recently agreed to merge RETA with the Coalition of West End Communities for burying the line. We strongly believe that there is strength in numbers and in unity. A few days ago, the Coalition’s board voted 7 to 3 in favour of merging our two organizations together. Three of the Coalition’s board members felt that it was important that the west TUC have its own voice and, while we feel that everyone should speak with a single, stronger voice, we also acknowledge the right of those three individuals to represent only the west TUC instead of all four proposed routes. The good news is that they still espouse the same principle which is “bury the line wherever it goes” and we wish them every success in their new organization.

On November 24th the new, stronger RETA will be holding a REALLY BIG MEETING at 7:00 p.m. at Northlands Hall D where we expect to have massive representation from all four routes – in fact, we want at least 5,000 people to turn out. We promise to do our best to have something pretty special for you – if you’ve been to our other Town Hall meetings at WECA, the Coast Hotel Sherwood Park, Belmead Community Hall, Festival Place or at meetings in St. Albert, Fultonvale School, Villeneuve Community Hall, Morinville, Namao and so on – I think you’ll agree it’s worth turning out.

While we are more than happy to do the “heavy lifting” – to engage with the AESO, the Heartland Project Team and our municipal and provincial leaders – the only reason we get the time of day with them is because you come out to our meetings. I can’t say this strongly enough: If you want us to succeed, if you haven’t already done so,  join RETA (go to and encourage your friends to do so as well) PLUS we need you to come out to the meeting on November 24th.

Bruce Johnson,
President, RETA

(About the RETA and the Coalition: RETA and the Coalition of West End Communities for Burying the Line are all-volunteer organizations dedicated to preventing overhead high voltage power lines from being run near schools, homes, daycare centres, hospitals and environmentally sensitive areas. RETA is a registered Society in Alberta.)

~ by RETA on September 29, 2009.

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