Mother of All Town Hall Meetings

RETA is pleased to announce that Dr. Magda Havas, a world renowned expert on the health effects of EMF from Trent University in Ontario, has graciously agreed to present at our Really Big Town Hall Meeting on November 24th at Rexall Place (was Northlands Hall D), starting at 7:00. We are equally delighted to announce that Danny Hooper has agreed to be our Master of Ceremonies that night. Expect quite a show.

I’ve already been to a meeting. Why should I come to another?

The answer is simple. This may be your last and best chance to “vote” on this issue before some critical decisions are made.  Thanks to your support, our elected representatives are listening now but we need over 5,000 people to come out to this meeting to make sure they understand that if they put these lines underground they have our support, but if they don’t they must be prepared to accept the consequences!

A long time ago we made a pact – we would do the “heavy lifting” (gather research, meet with the Heartland Team and the AESO, advocate with our elected representatives, arrange meetings, drive awareness and education and so on) and all you needed to do is come out to our meetings.  Well, the time has come – this is the Mother of All Town Hall Meetings, probably the most significant event of its kind in Alberta’s history with over 5,000 people expected – and we need you to do your bit.  Bring your friends, family, neighbours… anyone you know… and let’s make sure the message is heard loud and clear: “BURY THE LINE, WHEREVER IT GOES“.  Now is definitely not the time to be complacent and hope others will do what you need to do.

It’s only one night and we promise to have a terrific and informative show for you.

Thank you for your continued support.

RETA Board of Directors (now including the Board from the Coalition of West End Communities for Burying the Line)

~ by RETA on October 21, 2009.

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