New “Latest News” Feature + Stay Tuned

If you want to follow all of the considerable press on the Heartland Project, we’ve just added a new feature that you can access on the sidebar that has all of the latest news articles and press releases.  Right now we’ve just started going forward from Jan. 22nd (you might want to read the article by Joe Anglin about how Assistant Deputy Minister, Tim Grant, refused to identify himself at a recent open house), but when we get time we’ll try to go back and add all of the news from our archives.

Also, many of you have asked why we’ve not been more communicative.  Well, we’re just checking into some stuff about the Enhanced Heartland Participation Options being proposed by the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC).  Once we’ve sorted these issues out we’ll be sending out an email detailing our recommended course of action.  Thanks for your patience and stay tuned!

~ by RETA on January 31, 2010.

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