Bill 50 & ATCO 500kV Line Meeting

Do you want to ask Premier Stelmach, Wildrose Alliance Leader Danielle Smith, Liberal Leader David Swann or NDP Leader Brian Mason some questions about Bill 50 which was passed last November? Well if you do, come to Vegreville August 25, 2010. Bill 50 is the piece of legislation that took away the public consultation process on the need for what the Alberta Government decided to call “critical transmission infrastructure”. These so-called critical power lines include the ATCO Electric HVDC line from Gibbons to Brooks, the EPCOR/AltaLink AC Heartland line from Wabamun to the Heartland area, the AltaLink HVDC line from Edmonton to Calgary, and two AC lines from Edmonton to Fort McMurray. No one needs to justify why these lines are needed….they’re just getting built because the Alberta Government says so. And, there’s no competitive bidding on these projects. Here are the details of this “critical” meeting:

~ by RETA on August 21, 2010.

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