Will There Be Justice?

Sometime early next week the Heartland Project Team will be making their formal submission for the Heartland line (known as a Facilities Application) to the Alberta Utilities Commission.  Many people have suggested to us that the AUC hearing will be more theatre than anything else – going through the motions only to deliver a verdict that was decided years ago: “the Heartland Line is going in and its going in on 73 metre tall gargantuan towers.”

Well we think the AUC will rise above this instead of  just agreeing with AltaLink’s, EPCOR’s and the Alberta Government’s recommendation to build the entire line above ground with towers twice as high as any in Alberta.  RETA has been preparing for this for some time.  Read the latest message from RETA’s President to see how you can help.

We do want to remind our readers that we really don’t think the Heartland line is needed, based on economic realities that are significantly different today than when the Heartland line was first proposed several years ago. However, considering the Alberta Government passed Bill 50 in November 2009 which took away our legal right to argue need, the AUC has indicated they will not be entertaining arguments on need.

~ by RETA on September 24, 2010.