Process Meeting Update

We’ve had a number of people asking whether or not they should attend tomorrow’s AUC Process Meeting being held at the Edmonton Expo Centre.  While there is always value in staying on top of everything surrounding the Heartland Project, if you’re not going to attend every meeting then this is quite likely a meeting you can miss.  The purpose of the meeting, as we understand it, is to let the AUC panel understand the types of arguments that are going to be made at the hearing.  As you can imagine, there will be ample representation of dozens of arguments so, unless you have something new to add you can probably stay home (or at work, since it’s being held during work hours).  We will have someone there for the duration (as well as our legal counsel who will speak on RETA’s behalf) and we’ll be sure to post a summary of the meeting on the website (

~ by RETA on November 1, 2010.

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