AUC Heartland Process Hearing Summary

The AUC process meeting held at the Edmonton Expo Center Nov. 2 started at 9:00 am with a brief explanation of the day’s proceedings and an introduction of the three AUC panel members.  With several hundred groups and individuals registered to intervene each present intervener was given up to ten minutes to inform the panel who they were and why they wanted to participate.  Interveners also clarified to the panel what issues they intended to raise and the evidence they intended to submit.

Please read this St. Albert Gazette Article for a great synopsis of the day’s events. As well, the City of Edmonton and County of Strathcona made it clear they would accept the Heartland line within their respective jurisdictions only if the line was buried. RETA also clarified that if the line was built it must be buried when it runs near homes, schools, daycares, hospitals, and environmentally sensitive areas.

To read the full transcripts of the hearing click here

~ by RETA on November 4, 2010.

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