Meeting on “Transmission Lines and Landowner Rights”

If you are concerned, as many Albertans are, about the proposed $14.5B expenditure required to build new high voltage power lines, the need for which cannot be challenged or debated in public due to Bill 50 passed a year ago, you should come out to:

The Sherwood Park Community Hall (Log Cabin)

50 Spruce Avenue, Sherwood Park

To listen to Keith Wilson and Joe Anglin

This coming Monday (November 29) at 7:00 p.m.

Keith and Joe won’t only talk about Bill 50, but also about some related Bills – Bill 19 and Bill 36 – which they indicate undermine individuals’ property rights in Alberta. Keith and Joe have been raising this issue across Alberta for many months and have been getting a lot of attention.

Incidentally, the proposed $14.5B is expected to grow to as much as $25B, and as always, the transmission facility operators (AltaLink, EPCOR, ATCO, etc.) and the AESO want to build all of these lines above ground on enormous towers, not just in your back yard, but in everyone’s back yard. This is every Albertan’s battle.

When these projects are undertaken, there is no competitive bidding process. Contracts are simply handed out to selected transmission facility operators as a windfall, and we the rate payers are expected to foot the bill without having any say or input. This needs to stop.

RETA believes transmission lines should be run responsibly which not only means underground but also means they should not be run at all if they’re not needed. To date, the only people saying these lines are needed, including the Heartland Line, are the AESO and Alberta Energy (plus predictably, the transmission facility operators).

If you want to learn more, come out to listen to Keith and Joe on November 29. See you there.

~ by RETA on November 26, 2010.

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