Leaked Letter from Premier’s Inner Circle

RETA has received a letter addressed to members of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Caucus leaked to RETA by a member of Premier Stelmach’s Inner Circle. The October 26, 2010 letter signed by the Executive Directors of Alberta Direct Connect (ADC) and Industrial Power Consumer’s Association of Alberta (IPCAA) clearly indicates that the electricity transmission plan developed by Alberta Energy and the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) is not affordable.

Based on their data and calculations, the two associations suggest that, if the government’s current electricity transmission plan is implemented, Alberta competitiveness is at risk and businesses and industry will be forced to leave Alberta due to high electricity costs.  The fact that RETA received this letter from a member of the Premier’s Inner Circle shows that even people close to the Premier disagree with the province’s electricity transmission plan. Click on the RETA news release and the letter from ADC and IPCAA for details.

~ by RETA on December 23, 2010.

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