Heartland Power Line Would Close School

The Colchester Parents’ Association issued this news release today, expressing alarm that Colchester Elementary School would likely be closed if AltaLink and EPCOR build an above ground Heartland power line right next to their school, which is what they are recommending to the Alberta Utilities Commission.

Parents would most probably move their children to other schools for fear of the health and safety impacts of overhead high voltage power line electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and the corona effect. For example, prolonged exposure to EMFs increases the risk of childhood leukemia up to 5 times the expected rate in the general population.

Such an exodus of students would likely force the school to be closed. And, where would all of these displaced students go? The parents want the Alberta Government to force AltaLink and EPCOR to bury the Heartland line.

~ by RETA on January 20, 2011.

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