RETA Asks MLAs Power Line Questions

RETA has sent a letter and questionnaire to the 21 MLAs affected by proposed 500 kilovolt power lines that the Alberta Government has labeled as “critical transmission infrastructure” within the very controversial Bill 50. The 3 projects the Alberta Government is pushing through without any competitive bidding are: the ATCO Eastern Alberta DC Transmission Line, AltaLink Western Alberta DC Transmission Line, and the Heartland AC Transmission Project. See this news release as well.

MLAs are asked what their thoughts are about need for the lines, their impacts, and whether or not they believe these lines should be buried in certain circumstances. Responses from the MLAs will be posted on the RETA website.

This is a particularly opportune time to ask MLAs questions about electricity transmission because it has become one of the most pressing issues for Albertans. As well, the issue is bound to take centre stage as the Alberta P.C. Party and Alberta Liberal Party will be electing new Leaders shortly, and a provincial general election could be just around the corner.

~ by RETA on February 2, 2011.

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