Rick Orman Says Bury the Line

Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta leadership candidate Rick Orman announced today that new high voltage power lines should be buried in specific and unique situations when they run close to very densely-populated residential areas. He cited the proposed Heartland Transmission Project as an example. See Rick Orman’s news release here.

Strathcona County Mayor Linda Osinchuk and RETA President Bruce Johnson are delighted that one of the P.C. leadership candidates has come out so strong in support of something they have been fighting for for over 3 years. Both indicated that Mr. Orman was bold in supporting the underground transmission technology that has been gaining rapid support around the world as people find out more about the negative health, safety, environmental, property value and aesthetic impacts of overhead high voltage power lines. See the Mayor’s support here and RETA’s news release here .

The RETA Executive will be encouraging its over 8,000 registered members to support Rick Orman by purchasing a P.C. membership and voting for him on September 17 and October 1 (if the vote goes to a second ballot). Bruce Johnson said, “If Mr. Orman is willing to support us, we certainly are willing to support him.”

Read more about the benefits of burying high voltage power lines here.

~ by RETA on August 25, 2011.

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