P.C. Leadership Candidates’ Views – Power Lines

As the September 17 first ballot vote for the new Alberta Progressive Conservative Party leader draws near, the debate on electricity transmission in Alberta is heating up.

Regarding Bill 50 that removed public input on the need for new high voltage power lines, candidate Ted Morton says he would repeal the bill if he becomes Premier. Doug Griffiths, Alison Redford, Rick Orman and Gary Mar have gone on record as saying the bill needs to be reviewed or changes are required to make sure the public has some say on whether the new proposed lines are needed. Doug Horner says Bill 50 is fine as it is and does not require review. See this Winnipeg Free Press article.

Specifically on the issue of burying high voltage lines in special circumstances, only one candidate – Rick Orman – has been unequivocal that the lines need to be buried when they run near densely-populated residential areas. Orman has cited the proposed massive 500kV double-circuit Heartland line as the “poster child” for power line special circumstances, and would get the line buried near the densely-populated residential areas in Strathcona County and Edmonton if he becomes Premier. No other candidate has publicly addressed burying high voltage power lines as strongly or directly as Orman. Most recently, candidate Doug Horner asked a lot of questions about the underground technology but gave no answers.

Rick Orman’s support for burying high voltage lines in special circumstances has earned the strong endorsement of Strathcona Mayor Linda Osinchuk and RETA. RETA has encouraged its members and other Albertans concerned about the negative impacts of overhead high voltage power lines to support Rick Orman’s bid to become Premier by purchasing a $5.00 membership in the Alberta P.C. Party at http://www.voterickorman.com/ and voting for Orman September 17. Irrespective of your political history or how you have voted in provincial general elections, RETA encourages Albertans to help decide who becomes Alberta’s next Premier.

~ by RETA on September 7, 2011.

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