Rick Orman for Premier

The Sherwood Park News recently interviewed Rick Orman, one of the 6 candidates for leader of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party, and next Premier of Alberta.

Not only has Rick committed to get new high voltage power lines buried when they are built close to densely-populated residential areas and schools (like the proposed Heartland line), but he has also enunciated well-thought-out policies on education, health care and many other sectors that would be refreshing changes for Alberta. He proposes a tax credit that would allow post-secondary students to pay off their student loans faster and stay in Alberta to work. In health care, Rick promises to address inordinate billing practices, abuse by health care service users, additional extended care facilities for chronically ill patients, and an improved home care system. He has also committed to follow through on finishing the Sherwood Park hospital promised by the Alberta Government so many years ago.

See earlier RETA blogs for details on how to vote for Rick Orman at the advance polls September 13, or at the election day polls September 17.

~ by RETA on September 13, 2011.

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