Sturgeon County Says No to Heartland Line

The Morinville News reports that Sturgeon County Council passed the following motion at its September 13 meeting:

“That County Council having reviewed the evidence presented at the recent Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) Heartland Transmission Line Hearings has concluded that the social and economic costs to the County, the Heartland and the Province greatly exceed the benefits. Accordingly, Sturgeon County Council opposes the construction of the Heartland Transmission Line as proposed.”

This position differs from the one the County took at the AUC hearings, where Sturgeon County recognized the need for a safe, secure and affordable electricity supply in order to meet Alberta’s present and future needs, but it shouldn’t jeopardize the viability of current or future commercial and industrial interests.

Sturgeon’s latest motion is in recognition of the massive overbuild of the planned Heartland line which will result in a significant increase in electricity transmission costs to Alberta ratepayers. This St. Albert Gazette article reports that RETA agrees the Heartland line is a massive overbuild. (The line would be energized to only 15% of its capacity until 2027, and then to only 30% of its capacity thereafter – which makes it a gargantuan overbuild.)

~ by RETA on September 14, 2011.

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