Impacts of Overhead High Voltage Lines on Crops

CBC News reports that an organic vegetable farmer near Innisfail, Alberta, is worried a new overhead high voltage power line will negatively affect his livelihood. The farmer is worried he might lose his organic farming certification if a high voltage line is built on his land. AltaLink, which is proposing the controversial Red Deer Area Transmission Development Project, suggests the line would reinforce the transmission system between Wetaskiwin and Didsbury.

RETA has previously reported on research that indicates exposure to overhead high voltage power line electromagnetic fields (EMFs) reduces overall crop growth and negatively affects numerous important physiological characteristics including: shoot length, root length, leaf area, leaf weight, shoot/root ratio, total biomass and total water content. These impacts obviously result in economic loss.

Burying high voltage lines would significantly reduce these agricultural economic losses by reducing EMFs.

~ by RETA on October 10, 2011.

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