Critical Transmission Infrastructure Isn’t Critical

In a bold move, the new Alberta Energy Minister, Ted Morton, has asked the AUC to suspend its consideration of the applications for three of the so called Critical Transmission Infrastructure projects, the Heartland Line, the Western Alberta Transmission Line and the Eastern Alberta Transmission Line, while it reviews their approach for these projects.  You can read Ted Morton’s letter here.  The AUC has responded by sending a letter to all of the stakeholders informing them that they will suspend hearings and not render their decision for the Heartland transmission project until after the government has concluded its review.

RETA has maintained these transmission projects are not required and congratulates Minister Morton for deciding to conduct a review.  We will be asking the government to be included in the review process so that we can lend our perspective and offer alternatives to building massive transmission towers all across the landscape of our province.

~ by RETA on October 21, 2011.

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