Just Kidding!!

In a completely unpredictable move, nascent Alberta Premier Alison Redford publicly contradicts her appointed Energy Minister Ted Morton saying that she didn’t want three pointless proposed overbuilds of transmission infrastructure to be reviewed, only two of them.

Apparently, despite written letters from the Industrial Power Consumers Association of Alberta and Alberta Direct Connect, not to mention dozens of other objections from industry associations and taxpayer advocacy groups, Premier Redford has determined that the Heartland Transmission Line, in all of it’s 6,000 megawatt glory, is in fact actually required.

Two questions: If this is so critical then who are the customers (no one seems to be putting their hand up), and again, if this is so critical, why does the Heartland Project Team’s own documents show that the line won’t be energized to more than 15% of its capacity until at least 2027?  Doesn’t sound particularly critical to me, but then, who am I (as a taxpayer who has to foot the bill) to judge?

~ by RETA on October 21, 2011.

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