Pressure Grows to Bury Power Lines

The reports that although most Swiss consumers would be happy to have cheaper electricity, they draw the line at overhead high voltage power lines close to their homes.

Scientists have shown in a large comparative study that even very high voltage power lines can easily be buried. Until recently, it was primarily low- or medium-voltage lines that were buried. Although the capital cost of burying the lines is somewhat higher than construction above ground, the undergrounding costs are sinking rapidly according to German experts due to new technologies and the growing demand for burial. Experts say the placing of lines underground “only has a marginal effect” on costs passed on to consumers. This is particularly the case because long-term maintenance and transmission loss costs are much lower for buried lines.

This marked increase in burying very high-voltage power lines is a result of residents and communities taking energy companies to court because of the negative health effects from overhead lines, and residents don’t want to see the countryside spoiled or the natural environmental negatively affected. For example, the Swiss federal court recently ruled that the energy company Axpo would have to bury its high voltage power lines in the village of Riniken.

Why are other governments around the world responding to their citizens’ concerns about overhead high voltage power lines, but here in Alberta, the provincial government and electricity regulators (AUC) continue to ignore all the facts surrounding negative impacts of overhead high voltage lines?

~ by RETA on November 21, 2011.

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