Successful Battle Against Overhead Power Line

RETA has previously reported on the battle by Chino Hills, California residents to stop an overhead 500 kilovolt power line by Southern California Edison (SCE) from being built through their community. The Hope For The Hills campaign against this power line has so many similarities to our battle against the Heartland Transmission Project – both projects have even planned monstrous monopole rather than lattice towers, in an unsuccessful attempt to appease concerned neighbouring homeowners about the visual impacts of ugly overhead towers and lines.

Well…..recently, the Hope for the Hills campaign has scored a major victory, together with support from local and federal elected representatives. On November 10,  the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) ordered SCE to stop construction work on the monopole towers in Chino Hills. The CPUC also ordered SCE to prepare alternatives to replace the previously-approved design and route through Chino Hills, including details on the feasibility, cost and timing for each alternative.

Although their battle is not over, this most recent CPUC ruling is most certainly a helpful start to Chino Hills residents’ campaign to get this massive line moved or buried. Residents have been fighting this line since 2007 on the basis of health, safety, visual and property devaluation impacts of such a huge project so close to so many homes. To make things worse, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) guidelines prohibit borrowers from qualifying for mortgages and refinancing their homes with FHA loans to residential properties that are located within the Fall Zone of high voltage transmission lines such as those built by SCE. This ruling by the CPUC is particularly meaningful, considering that 15 of the SCE monopole towers have already been built and erected in Chino Hills.

See the following media reports for details: Cal Watchdog, (1), Renew Grid, (2) and Contra Costa Times.

RETA congratulates the continuing efforts and recent victory of the Hope For The Hills campaign. This is a shining example of the success possible when a community works hard and has a strong commitment to fighting for what is right. Overhead high voltage power lines simply do not belong close to homes, schools and daycare centres.

~ by RETA on November 21, 2011.

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