Strathcona County Mayor Criticizes Heartland Line

CTV reports that Strathcona County Mayor Linda Osinchuk continues to criticize the Alberta Utilities Commission’s (AUC) recent decision to build the 500kV Heartland power line near so many homes, schools and daycares.

Mayor Osinchuk raised the matter directly with the Alberta Energy Minister at the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties annual convention, renewing her call for the Alberta Government to review electricity needs and costs in Alberta. This comes one day after Mayor Osinchuk sent letters to all MLAs indicating the County’s plans to appeal the controversial AUC Heartland decision. See iNews880 coverage.

Energy Minister Ted Morton had sent a letter to the AUC in October requesting that consideration of the proposed Heartland, Eastern Alberta and Western Alberta transmission lines be suspended until the government could review its approach to these lines. However, a few hours later, Premier Redford overturned this request by interfering with the AUC’s quasi-judicial process, instructing the AUC to go ahead with the Heartland line, but continue to suspend consideration of the Eastern Alberta and Western Alberta lines.

Many, including RETA, have criticized this decision by the Premier because without the Eastern and Western Alberta lines, the Heartland line makes no sense whatsoever.

~ by RETA on November 24, 2011.

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