Redford Defends Bill 50 on Power Lines

The Calgary Herald reports Premier Redford defending the government’s controversial Bill 50 that removed any public, industry or business input on the need for specific new high voltage power lines. Under the legislation, the Alberta Government Cabinet now determines unilaterally which lines it feels must be built, without any review of the actual need for these lines or without any accounting of the costs. The government simply relies on AltaLink, EPCOR, ATCO and other transmission companies to indicate how much specific new lines will cost, without any competitive bidding to determine the actual cost.

And the good news is, Alberta consumers get to pay 100% of the costs of any new transmission infrastructure, whether it’s needed or not.

In a strange line of reasoning, Redford described Bill 50 as an “unfortunate piece of legislation. It was too bad we had to introduce it.” Now there’s a resounding endorsement for the bill.

Premier Redford and her spokesman disagreed on November 25 about when a panel would be announced to review Alberta’s electricity needs. It appears the Premier has already determined that all of the new high voltage power lines dubiously labeled as “critical transmission infrastructure” in Bill 50 are necessary and leads one to wonder, “Why bother with the review panel?”

Just when you think the Alberta Government can’t possibly make any more glaring mistakes regarding electricity generation and transmission…..they do.

~ by RETA on November 27, 2011.

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