The More Heartland Decision Appeals, the Better

RETA announced November 28 it will appeal the recent controversial Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) Heartland power line decision, and encouraged others to also appeal. Strathcona County has already announced it will be appealing the decision. See CHED and iNews 880 coverage.

The Heartland Transmission Project is one of the largest overhead 500kV high voltage power lines ever to be built in Alberta. Opponents to the overhead line say the AUC decision will result in over 15,000 residents being directly and adversely affected, at least one school will close down, many businesses will be negatively affected, and many environmentally sensitive areas will be impacted.

Literally hundreds of studies show that above-ground high voltage power lines have serious negative impacts on health, safety, property values, the environment, and overall quality of life. Much of this evidence was filed during the AUC hearing in April and May, 2011. Burying the line would eliminate the negative impacts of an overhead line, but unfortunately the AUC ruled it is not in the public interest to do so, in spite of the overwhelming evidence. See Sherwood Park Independent Weekly article.

~ by RETA on November 29, 2011.

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