Sherwood Park PC Candidates Silent on Transmission Lines

We have members from many different parts of Alberta, but Sherwood Park is one of the areas most affected by proposed transmission lines and where we have a large number of members. Sherwood Park MLA Iris Evans announced her retirement earlier this month. We thank her for her service to this province, although it is too bad that she did not actively represent her constituents on the transmission line issue. Unfortunately, ¾ of those vying to take over from her as the PC candidate in the next election have said nothing about power lines since announcing their candidacies. This post reviews the position of each of the four PC nomination candidates on the power line issue.

1. Susan Timanson is the most recent candidate to announce her candidacy. She is not from the Sherwood Park riding. As far as we can find, she’s made absolutely no public comments on the power line issue.

2. Cathy Olesen is a past Mayor of Strathcona County. She was handily defeated by current Mayor Linda Osinchuk in the last municipal election – many residents felt at the time that we needed a stronger advocate for the area instead of someone intent on being a ‘team player’. (For coverage of her defeat, check out this video link: She also lives outside of the Sherwood Park riding. We hope for a Sherwood Park MLA willing to stand up and fight for residents. Like Susan, Cathy has been publicly silent on the power line issue since announcing her intention to seek the nomination.

3. Brian Botterill is a young first term Councillor who lives with his parents in the Sherwood Park riding. He does have a greater connection to this riding than Susan or Cathy. However, like Susan and Cathy, he has stayed completely away from the power line issue since announcing his candidacy.

4. Matthew Bissett may be the best of the four. He does live in the riding. His website does have a dedicated “power lines” section where he discusses the issue ( Bissett’s post implies that he is opposed to this power line overbuild. However, he also shows a poor understanding of the process and he links to the AUC and AltaLink/EPCOR sites without providing any information from the other side.

Unfortunately, it seems that none of these four candidates are willing to stand up for residents on this vital issue. We hope to be proven wrong on this point. Sherwood Park needs an MLA who will consistently fight for an end to the power line overbuild that this government wants to impose on Albertans. We need an MLA who will stand up to Alison Redford and refuse to vote confidence in a government which is set on this misguided course.

At this stage, it probably makes sense to stay out of this ‘say-nothing’ nomination and hope that Albertans elect a new government when that time comes around. We’ve tried in the past to change the PC Party from within, but it just hasn’t worked.

~ by RETA on December 27, 2011.

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