Colchester School Supports Review of Heartland Decision

The Colchester School Parents’ Association sent this letter today to the Alberta Utilities Commission and all MLAs, indicating its support of Strathcona County’s appeal of the AUC Heartland decision to build the 500kV line above ground next to 5,200 homes, several schools and daycare centres, a hospital, many businesses and many environmentally sensitive areas.

The parents’ association indicated in the letter that Colchester Elementary School would have to close down if the Heartland line is built above ground because parents would not want to jeopardize their children’s health and safety so close to the line. It would cost a minimum of $20 million to build a new school, if Colchester School was closed down.

The parents clearly stated that, if the line had to be built next to the school, it must be buried.

~ by RETA on December 30, 2011.

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