Utility Companies Proposed Route Changes are another Smokescreen

Those planning to build the Heartland Transmission Project (AltaLink and Epcor) are now proposing a new route for a section of the Heartland Transmission Line. They seem to be suggesting that this will reduce the impact on Colchester Elementary School. However, the proposed new route does NOT mitigate the impact on Colchester school and it increases the impact on many area residents.

Our calculations indicate that moving the line to the new location will only increase the distance between the line and Colchester school by about 10 meters. (The map sent out to those impacted is full of errors.) This minimal increase in distance will not allay the concerns of parents.

This new proposed route is longer, contains more towers, and runs closer to many homes and sensitive environmental areas such as the Bretona Pond. Because of the increase in length, it will also cost more.

We agree with the apparent tacit admission by those involved that the previous route was unacceptable. However, Albertans will not be fooled by an adjustment, occurring after hearings have been completed, which does not address the underlying problems. Given this admission, the AUC should demand that the lines be buried, and the government should do the right thing and pass legislation requiring that transmission lines near sensitive and populated areas be buried.

~ by RETA on January 11, 2012.

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