Colchester School Supports RETA AUC Heartland Appeal

The Colchester Parents’ Association has formally supported RETA’s Review and Variance application regarding the AUC’s November 1, 2011 decision to let AltaLink and EPCOR build the Heartland power line above ground right next to Colchester Elementary School.

This letter, sent January 13 to the AUC and cc’ed to all provincial MLAs and Strathcona County Councillors, reiterates the parents’ association concerns that an above-ground Heartland line so close to Colchester School (as approved by the AUC) will close down their school because parents will not jeopardize their children’s health and safety. Hundreds of peer-reviewed health studies report increased risks of cancers, tumors, immune system deficiencies, nervous system disorders, and many other ailments due to prolonged exposure to overhead high voltage power line EMFs and toxic corona clouds. Students and staff would be exposed from 6-8 hours a day, 5 days a week, to harmful EMFs and the corona effect from an overhead line.

Once the overhead power line has forced the closure of Colchester School, it will cost a minimum of $20 million to either build a new school or to expand an existing school over 10km away. Taxpayers – not AltaLink or EPCOR – will have to pay this cost, which in fact should be charged to the cost of building an overhead Heartland line.

The parents’ letter continues that “The AUC did not take into consideration the issues raised by parents such as health concerns, stress, safety risks, financial concerns, and loss of community amenities such as Colchester Elementary School.” They ask the AUC to reconsider its decision and bury the power line near the school “so we can keep our children together as one family”. Underground high voltage lines eliminate all of the negative impacts of overhead lines.

Parents conclude by indicating that AltaLink’s and EPCOR’s latest suggestion of an alternate route by the school gets the line only an additional 10m away and “does nothing to alleviate our concerns”.

Unfortunately, local P.C. MLAs Dave Quest and Iris Evans have not done much to help save the school.

~ by RETA on January 14, 2012.

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