Sherwood Park News Editorial Gets it Wrong

In an editorial published in today’s Sherwood Park News, the editor mentions a few issues that he doesn’t want candidates to talk about in the lead up to a spring provincial election. As it happens, these are the issues that are most important to many area residents – the Heartland Transmission Line and the Hospital.

The editorial includes the following:

“We all know about that 500 kV monstrosity that’s looming in the not-too-distant future. In fact, that future is so near that it’s likely to be a moot point by the time a new MLA is elected to replace the retiring Iris Evans. I don’t want to hear any election campaign promises about fighting and/or burying the power line. Those battles have been fought and have largely been lost. The final decision on the project rests with the Alberta Court of Appeals, not the Sherwood Park MLA. No amount of MLA campaigning will positively affect the court’s final decision.”

The defeatist attitude in this editorial completely ignores the facts. While there are ongoing appeals before the AUC and the Court of Appeal, it was a GOVERNMENT decision to pass Bill 50 which skipped over the normal needs assessment process for the Heartland line, it was a GOVERNMENT decision to not allow open bidding on this project (which would have allowed proposals by international companies with a long history of burying transmission lines who would not have presented inflated cost estimates), and it was a GOVERNMENT decision to push forward the Heartland Line while putting other Bill 50 transmission lines on hold.

Any MLA could make a real difference by (1) opposing Bill 50, (2) demanding a more open needs assessment and bidding process for transmission infrastructure, and (3) refusing to vote confidence in any government that is unwilling to suspend construction on the Heartland Line immediately.

The Sherwood Park News is dead wrong on this – the Heartland Transmission Project will be a key issue for voters in the next election and voters will demand that their MLA use all the power they have to stop this unneeded and dangerous transmission line from going through.

Please send a letter to the editor reminding the News how important this issue is to Sherwood Park residents and to all Albertans:

~ by RETA on January 17, 2012.

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