Two New Power Lines Not Needed

So far, almost all presentations to the Critical Transmission Review Committee (CTRC) have indicated that new high voltage power lines planned by the Alberta Government are either not needed or at minimum are significant overbuilds {Calgary Herald, CBC, Edmonton Journal (1) and Edmonton Journal (2)}. Presenters submit that the absurdly high costs of all these new lines will drive business and industry out of Alberta. Some suggest that the primary reason for these lines is to export electricity to the U.S., with Alberta consumers paying 100% of the infrastructure costs while companies like AltaLink and ATCO Electric own the lines and reap 9% guaranteed annual investment returns on the value of the infrastructure.

Some presenters indicated the fact the lights stayed on during recent record cold temperatures showed the transmission system doesn’t require a multibillion dollar upgrade as proposed by the Alberta Government and the Alberta Electric System Operator (Calgary Herald).

The CTRC, established by the Alberta Government in an attempt to show it actually cares what Albertans think about power transmission, is meeting with selected groups and associations, and will submit a report to the government in February. Many are skeptical that this is but one more meaningless process about electricity transmission in our province which is controlled by a few large corporations that have close ties to the P.C. government.

See this earlier RETA blog for details on the CTRC.

~ by RETA on January 18, 2012.

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