Sherwood Park PC Nomination and Newt Gingrich

Today at the Sherwood Park PC nomination, 6 candidates gave speeches. Helen Calahasen was the only one to mention transmission lines. She declared her support for burying the lines and for assessing whether or not the lines are needed. RETA would like to thank Calahasen for taking this position and standing up for the concerns of the people of Sherwood Park. Unfortunately, none of the other candidates even mentioned transmission issues.

Official results have yet to be released in the nomination, however twitter is abuzz with the rumour that former mayor Cathy Olesen won. As many of you will recall, Cathy was booted from office in the last mayor election because voters wanted a local champion who would fight for a hospital and against the transmission lines. The current mayor Linda Osinchuk was seen as that local champion, while Olesen had failed to advocate strongly for the community. (You can see coverage of that result here: Let’s hope the twitter rumours are false, and that Calahasen has pulled an upset victory.

Meanwhile, south of the border, Newt bury-the-line Gingrich pulled a big upset in the South Carolina Republican primary, beating establishment candidate Mitt Romney by more than 10%. We’ve written previously about Gingrich’s support for undergrounding. His success in South Carolina will give this concept even more momentum.

~ by RETA on January 21, 2012.

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