Colchester Fights On, Power Companies Sow Confusion

The AUC decision on the Heartland Line requires the power companies involved to explore options to minimize the impact on Colchester School. In response, the power companies proposed an alternate route which did not in any way change the negative impact on the school. Therefore, the power companies have not yet met their obligations under the AUC decision. However, the companies continue to sow confusion and seek to avoid their obligations.

As noted in an earlier post, the power companies had offered to look at cost-sharing for the burial of the portion of the line near Colchester school. This offer has, however, been withdrawn. In fact, an EPCOR spokesman tried to give the Sherwood Park News the impression this week that such an offer was never made. However, Colchester Parents, Elk Island Public School Representatives, and RETA reps were all in the meeting and all remember representatives of the power companies floating the possibility of cost sharing for burial as a possible way to minimize the impact on the school. We in fact have subsequent emails which prove this point. But AltaLink and EPCOR saying one thing and then doing something totally different is getting to be par for the course.

While the power companies continue to sow confusion, the fight continues to minimize the impact of these lines on our community and on Colchester School.

The following article in today’s Sherwood Park News details some of these events:

~ by RETA on January 31, 2012.

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