Sherwood Park PCs are Divided and Frustrated

The Edmonton Journal wrote a follow-up article today about the nomination of Cathy Olesen in Sherwood Park. In it, they reveal that she only won by one vote and that the turnout for the nomination was shockingly low. According to the Journal, each candidate brought out an average of only 90 supporters. Neither the first nor the second place candidate lives in the Sherwood Park riding or made any mention of the Heartland Transmission Project or the hospital issue.

RETA’s Executive Director and Sherwood Park Wildrose candidate Garnett Genuis was quoted in the article, discussing how any candidate who hopes to be successful in this area needs to actually have the courage to stand up for the concerns of the people they want to represent. (Most importantly, they need to stand up and oppose the Heartland Transmission Line). “To not even address it, to behave as if they are not the issues, I think speaks to a detachment,” he said.

The article also identifies a relationship between Olesen’s defeat in the mayoral election and her current problems. She was unwilling to address many of these vital issues at that time, and she is not prepared to discuss them now. Garnett Genuis is quoted in the article saying, “In the last municipal election, there was a lot of discussion about the relationship between the municipality and the province. People decided in that election that they wanted somebody who was actually prepared to stand up on these issues.” (For some more background on Olesen’s defeat, this link lays out what happened:

The whole Journal article is available here:

~ by RETA on February 1, 2012.

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