Don’t give up, it’s not over

We hear from time to time that the process which has taken place over the last few years with regard to the Heartland Transmission Line has tired some people out. Having gone to hearings, rallies, information meetings, and forums time and time again and seeing no change has understandably left many people feeling powerless. However, our fight to stop these lines from going in is about to enter a decisive phase. In a significant sense, we are racing towards the finish line- the fight is almost over but what we do right now will still have a decisive impact on the final outcome.

When the government began this project, they had a clear strategy in mind. First, pass a bill which takes away the independent ability of the AUC to make assessments about whether or not certain transmission lines are needed. Secondly, despite that bill (Bill 50), hide behind the AUC and claim that they have no power over the ensuing limited hearings which do occur. Along the way, pretend to listen to the public and be open to all possible alternatives while actually doing absolutely nothing. Finally, push the process along as quickly as possible, so that by the time of the election people are confused about the process and feel powerless to do anything further.

If you feel discouraged, confused, and powerless, then you should know that that is exactly how the government intends you to feel. However, make no mistake that the decision about the transmission line is ultimately a provincial government decision. This government (or a different government elected after the next election) could still repeal Bill 50 and suspend this project at any time. Therefore, if we can put pressure on the government in the lead up to the impending provincial election, and/or elect a new government, we can stop this transmission line from proceeding.

The fight is not over. Now is not the time to give in to the sense of powerlessness that the government would like us to have. We owe it to this cause to stand strong for a few more months. Leave up your signs, keep talking to your friends, keep writing letters to the editor, and keep believing. Until those lines are built, it’s not over!

~ by RETA on February 7, 2012.

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