Budget Offers Nothing for Colchester Students

The provincial government released this year’s budget on Thursday. It contained many of the things we’ve come to expect – another deficit, unrealistic revenue projections, and a general unwillingness to make needed structural reforms to our public services. But, of more immediate interest to RETA members, there was nothing in the budget for Colchester Elementary School – no offer to share the cost of burying the line near the school and no offer to support the modernization of Fultonvale School so that students will have somewhere to go.

This has left many parents wondering what will happen to their students. If the lines proceed overhead, Colchester will be forced to close. Without any funding for burial or for an alternative facility, students will be left completely in the lurch.

Where are the government’s priorities? Colchester students need to go to school, and they should be able to continue to attend the school they have always gone to. The government should at the very least seek to identify the real costs associated with burying the line near Colchester school and make the resources required to address this situation available. The fact that budget 2012 made no mention of the challenges affecting Colchester school is a real travesty.

~ by RETA on February 11, 2012.

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