Industrial and Residential Consumers Speak Out Against Unneeded Transmission Lines

The Industrial Power Consumers Association of Alberta (IPCAA) and the Consumers’ Coalition of Alberta are speaking out against the government’s plan to initiate a massive overbuild of Alberta’s transmission grid. IPCAA has noted that this will push power prices so high that companies will have to go off the grid or leave Alberta. As that happens, the full weight of the costs of this new transmission infrastructure will fall on the heads of consumers.

“If a lot of high usage industrial customers go off the grid, residential customers will end up paying for the cost of the new transmission lines,” said Jim Wachowich, a representative of the Consumers’ Coalition.

The government has said that the Heartland Transmission Line is critical, however all potential users of this power have made clear that they do not need the increased transmission capacity and that they cannot afford the increased costs. For whom are these lines critical? If all potential users of this power have said that they don’t want or need it, then how could they possible be critical?

The Edmonton Journal has done a great piece on the comments of IPCAA and the Consumers’ Coalition. You can find it here:

~ by RETA on February 15, 2012.

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