Premier Redford Spreads Misinformation at Sherwood Park Chamber Meeting

Today, a large group of RETA members and Colchester Elementary School parents gathered at the Agora in Sherwood Park where Premier Redford was speaking to send her a message about the Heartland Transmission Line. Our message was simple: Don’t build transmission lines that are not needed and take the impact on the community into account when transmission lines are built. The Premier was not willing to stop and talk to our group and she spread serious misinformation in her speech to the Chamber.

Redford declared that the Heartland Line was needed for the sake of industrial development in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland. However, the Industrial Power Consumers Association of Alberta (IPCAA) has been very clear that this line is not needed and will actually force many industrial power consumers to go off the grid and do their own power generation. We agree with IPCAA that there should be an independent needs assessment for new transmission lines that are built. If the Premier believes that these lines need to be built, then why is she afraid to call an independent needs assessment?

You can read a report from IPCAA about the need issue here:

~ by RETA on February 15, 2012.

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