RETA Campaign Continues

This week, RETA’s Don’t Close My School campaign ( is continuing. We’ve received a lot of strong support so far from our members for bringing greater pressure to bear on the government. We know that the government has, for once, been forced to sit up and take notice of our concerns. On Wednesday, we confronted Alison Redford directly about her support for the Heartland Line and she commented on our concerns in her speech. Unfortunately, we still haven’t seen a change of position by the government; but, we can and we will keep the pressure up in hopes of finally seeing a change.

As the Sherwood Park News pointed out last week, students at Colchester Elementary aren’t the only victims of the planned transmission line overbuild. ( The Don’t Close My School campaign has brought lots of public and media attention to this issue, and we’ve been able to raise some more awareness about the affect of the lines on everyone through this campaign.

To keep these ads on the air, we need your help. If you believe in what we believe in, then please help us keep the pressure on the government this week. To make a donation, please come to our donation page: Every little bit helps.

~ by RETA on February 21, 2012.

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