Power Exports Reason for Power Line Overbuild

Yesterday, the Alberta NDP issued a news release  indicating that “two applications for massive power exports to the U.S. expose why Albertans are paying out of pocket for massively overbuilt transmission lines.”

Both Direct Energy and Capital Power applied in January for electricity export permits to the U.S. from Alberta. Each company wants to be able to export up to about 35,000 Gwh per year, which amounts to two thirds of all the power currently used in Alberta.

The news release goes on to say, “These applications for huge power exports solve the mystery of why the Conservatives were in a rush to approve expensive, overbuilt power lines. This means Albertans are funding profitable power exports out of their own pockets, and will likely end up paying California prices for power.”

(See Canadian Press and Edmonton Journal articles.)

~ by RETA on March 20, 2012.

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