Alberta Farmers Angry Over High Power Costs

Alberta Cabinet Ministers were blasted at a March 20 meeting with rural municipalities over being strangled by skyrocketing electricity costs (Edmonton Journal). Farmers told Ministers surging electricity prices in Alberta are threatening the viability of small family farms. They blamed Alberta’s high power costs on the government’s failed experiment in electricity generation deregulation and on increasing costs of transmission brought on by the government’s insistence on building unnecessary and expensive high voltage power lines.

Energy Minister Ted Morton said he’s in the process of appointing a panel to review the volatile power costs. Since Alison Redford was elected Premier by the Alberta PC Party last October, the government has been establishing committee after committee to review contentious issues in Alberta, and to report back to the government after the upcoming election. Putting off controversial issues until after the election is quickly becoming an election issue. Albertans are demanding answers and remedies to these issues now.

~ by RETA on March 21, 2012.

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