Power Lines Among Many Broken Promises by Premier Redford

Alberta Party leader Glenn Taylor has joined many other Albertans in accusing Alison Redford of breaking promises she made during her bid for the Alberta PC Party leadership last fall. He says a growing distrust of the Premier’s leadership will be a key election issue (Edmonton Journal).

Among the many broken promises Taylor has cited, Redford promised a review of the two controversial north-south high voltage power lines, and then established a committee that recommended the status quo. This certainly was no surprise since the government had appointed a former Alberta PC Party Executive member as chair of the committee, and one of the north-south line applicants (AltaLink) has a very close relationship with the Alberta PC Party and government. In spite of the overwhelming evidence submitted to the committee clearly indicating that either both or at least one of the proposed north-south 500kV lines were not needed and/or that they were massive overbuilds, the committee agreed with the government’s position that both lines were needed.

~ by RETA on March 23, 2012.

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