Ignore the Promises – Look at the Record

Don Schurman, past president of the University of Alberta Hospital, has written the Featured Letter in today’s Edmonton Journal. He suggests that voters look at the Conservatives’ record rather than at their promises made during this provincial election campaign. He says past performance is a far better predictor of future performance than are election promises. Hard to argue with that.

Schurman provides numerous examples of our current government’s poor policies and practices, including electricity deregulation and the power transmission line approval process. RETA certainly agrees with Schurman.

The Alberta government’s electricity deregulation experiment has been a dismal failure, with Albertans now paying among the highest power prices in the country.

And our power line approval process – well that’s been a disaster. The Alberta government has excluded high voltage power lines from the environmental impact assessment process, given Cabinet approval to unilaterally establish power line corridors on private land, and taken away the public’s right to review the need for all these new high voltage lines for which we must pay 100%. When it comes to the precise power line routing process, evidence presented by public hearing interveners who oppose these massive overhead lines is essentially ignored.

So…we think Don Schurman has hit the nail on the head with his letter, and we strongly recommend that our followers read the entire letter here.

~ by RETA on March 31, 2012.

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