Transmission Companies Donate to Alberta PC Party

Today’s front-page story in the Edmonton Journal indicates AltaLink donated $14,999.50 to the Alberta PC Party in 2011, ATCO donated $12,950, and SNC-Lavalin (which owns 100% of AltaLink) donated another $2,500.

Is it possible that large donations like these to the Alberta PC Party help ensure that massive overhead 500kV lines keep getting built even though they aren’t needed? The Heartland line is being built by AltaLink, SNC-Lavalin and EPCOR; the Western Alberta Transmission Line will be built by AltaLink and SNC-Lavalin; and the Eastern Alberta Transmission Line will be built by ATCO.

No wonder the Alberta government has streamlined the high voltage power line approval process and passed legislation that takes away the public’s right to review the need for these lines and gives Cabinet the authority to establish a power line corridor on private land without the landowners’ agreement.

For more information on the connections between SNC-Lavalin/AltaLink and the Alberta PC Party, see Making Money by Making Friends.

~ by RETA on April 4, 2012.

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