Wildrose Strong in Sherwood Park

A quote in today’s Edmonton Journal reads, “But the Tories may be vulnerable in Strathcona County, where veteran Tory Iris Evans retired and the new transmission lines are a hot issue.”

That may be an understatement, for as anyone knows who talks to folks in Sherwood Park, the urban part of Strathcona County, Wildrose candidate Garnett Genuis has been getting a lot of attention. He’s been door-knocking for months before the campaign started, and is becoming a familiar face in Sherwood Park communities as he talks to people about the changes he and the Wildrose Party want to bring to the constituency. Sherwood Park residents are starting to notice Genuis’ energy and deep understanding of not only the local issues but issues important province-wide as well. His mobile campaign office, seen most often on Wye Road in front of the London Drugs (Mon-Wed) and on Baseline Road beside the Swiss Chalet (Thur-Sat) is one of Genuis’ creative approaches to contacting Sherwood Park residents.

In spite of his growing popularity, Genuis is not taking anything for granted, and will continue working hard during the last 2 weeks of the campaign in an effort to convince residents that it’s time for a change. Among the many issues he talks about at the door, he’s the only Sherwood Park candidate who has been fighting alongside residents for the past 4 years to stop the Heartland power line from getting built above ground next to so many homes, schools and daycares. Should the Wildrose Party form the next government, they will repeal the controversial Bill 50 and cancel the Heartland project.

Genuis is running against 6 other candidates including Cathy Olesen of the PC Party who was ousted in the last municipal election by Mayor Linda Osinchuk.

The Strathcona-Sherwood Park constituency is also being hotly contested. Incumbent Dave Quest (PC Party) is in trouble over his poor handling of the Heartland power line which also will run through his constituency. Although he initially appeared to support burying part of the Heartland line, he consistently talks about how much more expensive it would be to go underground, even though the data show that when you combine the capital, maintenance and transmission loss costs over the life of a line, buried lines are cheaper than overhead lines. Quest also towed the PC Party line that the Heartland line is necessary, even though data from the University of Calgary, Industrial Power Consumers Association of Alberta, Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association, RETA and many others show it is not needed.

Wildrose candidate Paul Nemetchek is challenging Quest, and has been getting a lot of support from Strathcona-Sherwood Park residents at Town Hall meetings, at the door, and at his campaign office (#144, 11 Athabascan Ave in Sherwood Park). Nemetchek is also strongly opposed to the Heartland line and wants to get the legislation repealed that established this and other unnecessary high voltage lines. He is a Founding Member of the Strathcona Wildrose Constituency Association.

~ by RETA on April 8, 2012.

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