Dave Quest on Defensive Re Power Lines

Last night at the Hastings Lake Community Hall, Strathcona-Sherwood Park incumbent Dave Quest was on the defensive as participants of a Town Hall meeting peppered him with questions about the Alberta PC Party’s position on a number of electricity matters.

One resident asked why Quest sometimes appeared to support burying the Heartland line at public meetings, but then dismissed the technology when speaking privately with individuals. One example cited was when he privately told PC leadership candidate Rick Orman last August that burying the line was too expensive. (The fact is, when capital, maintenance and transmission loss costs are combined over the life of a line, buried lines are cheaper than overhead lines.)

Wildrose (Paul Nemetchek), Liberal  (John Murray) and NDP (Mike Scott) candidates at the Town Hall meeting did not support the building of the Heartland line. (The Alberta government has been pushing for the Heartland line to be built even though there are essentially no customers for the power it will transmit. As a member of the PC Caucus, Dave Quest supports the Heartland line.)

Another resident asked why the PC government continues to promote coal-fired electricity generation, when the federal government announced over a year ago that coal-fired power generators must transition as soon as possible to cleaner generation. Coal-fired generation produces more greenhouse gases than the oil sands industry.  Alberta relies more on dirty coal-fired power than any other province.

~ by RETA on April 12, 2012.

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