Alberta Leaders’ Debate – Electricity

An Ipsos Reid poll taken right after the televised leaders’ debate shows Albertans who watched the debate say that Danielle Smith (Wildrose) won (37%) with a 9-point lead over runner-up Alison Redford (PC) (28%). Raj Sherman (Liberal) and Brian Mason (NDP) were viewed as winning by 13% and 10%, respectively, of those polled.

Of interest to RETA blog followers, no electricity-related questions were asked of the leaders by panelists. Danielle Smith did, however, highlight the unnecessary power lines planned by the PCs, while Brian Mason and Raj Sherman both indicated they would address Alberta’s high electricity prices.

The only leader to not mention electricity at all during the debate was Alison Redford. This is no surprise considering how poorly the PCs have managed electricity matters including: passing Bills 19 and 50 which concentrate decision-making on new transmission lines with Cabinet; ignoring many studies which clearly show all the new 500kV lines legislated by Bill 50 are unnecessary; exempting high voltage power lines from the environmental impact assessment process; continuing Alberta’s reliance on dirty coal-fired power generation; forcing ratepayers to pay 100% of all electricity infrastructure costs while the power companies reap the profits; permitting power companies to buy and sell electricity in a manner that benefits the companies but not consumers; deregulating the electricity generation industry, resulting in some of the highest power rates in Canada; refusing to consider burying new high voltage lines to eliminate the negative impacts of overhead lines; the Premier politically interfering with the AUC Heartland hearing process; pushing AltaLink and EPCOR to build the Heartland line above-ground right next to 5,200 homes, several schools and daycares; forcing Colchester Elementary School to close; and the Alberta PC Party receiving political donations from power transmission companies (e.g., AltaLink/SNC-Lavalin, ATCO).

~ by RETA on April 14, 2012.

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