Hundreds Attend Chino Hills Power Line Hearing

About 500 concerned residents turned out at a congressional hearing to express their concerns about the controversial Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project that would see 200-foot towers blighting the landscape in Chino Hills, southern California (Inland Valley Daily Bulletin). RETA has reported previously on this battle which has been ongoing for about 5 years.

Residents have an array of concerns about an overhead line including health, safety, property values, visual impacts, and ability to access Federal Housing Administration financing.

A Hope For The Hills spokesperson said property values are already down roughly 17% since the project started, and health studies report increased risks of brain tumors, childhood leukemia, Lou Gehrig’s disease and miscarriage due to prolonged exposure to overhead power line electromagnetic fields.  Chino Hills City officials have already spent more than $2 million fighting Southern California Edison in a lawsuit over the right-of-way through the city being too narrow for the towers.

Residents have asked that the power line be buried to eliminate the negative impacts of an above-ground line.

RETA supports the battle against this project, and encourages Hope For The Hills, the City of Chino Hills and others to continue because burying this line, at least close to residential areas, is the right thing to do.

~ by RETA on April 15, 2012.

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